Digital Design & Development


Hicaliber has a strong team of designers, developers and programmers, allowing us to cater to a range of different needs. We build responsive websites that are molded to fit any screen size with user experience and performance at the forefront of our minds. We’re all about building strategic, appealing websites that instantly reinforce credibility and ultimately convert visitors into customers.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Hicaliber’s weapon of choice when it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS) is WordPress. Renowned for it’s flexibility and array of plugins, WordPress is an extremely intuitive CMS to use. Sites built with WordPress give you the client the flexibility to add update, and edit content as you please.

Our Process

Creating the User Experience

In this stage we create a Brief and set of Wire Frames representing our understanding of what is required for the project, which guides you through the website the way a user would. This allows us to concentrate firstly and foremost on the user experience.


Once the Brief and Wire Frames have been approved we take the outline and design it up to further confirm our understanding of the final outcome. This gives you the client the opportunity to make up to two rounds of alterations before approving.

Developing the Designs

With the design approved we know exactly what the end result will be so we can commence development. This is where we bring the designs to life and create a test environment that allows you to view our progress. This also allows us to pivot quickly if the direction needs to be changed at any time.

Testing and Launching

The final testing process involves you testing and collaborating on any changes that may need to be made. Tweaks and adjustments are made before launching your site in the online world.