Who Are We

We help your business run 24/7.

With creativity and innovation at our core Hicaliber specialise in Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing and Software Development. We work closely with you to personalise solutions designed specifically for your business.

Hicaliber is dedicated to partnering with our clients and creating seamless digital experiences.


Why Hicaliber

We innovate, create and manage our clients’ digital marketing strategy, helping them to grow and prosper as a business.

What We Do

We provide a Digital Marketing Solution. A holistic approach dedicated to getting results. Web Design, Web Development & Software Development combined with a relentless targeted approach to digital lead generation. We then capture those results for a client in a CRM so they can convert to revenue.

How We Do It

Our team of dedicated professionals guide our clients through a process where we learn about our clients’ business so we can ensure we provide the right solution.

We provide a brief with screen designs to bring the client’s vision to life. Following that we develop the solution, involving the client at strategic points in time so they can be part of the results.

With the development now complete we perform a 30 point checklist on all aspects of the development before we hand over to our client.

Once the client approves the final development we launch the website and internet marketing campaign.