Why is Organic SEO Important

Just like your produce, SEO is better organic

Sure you have probably heard of Search Engine Optimisation, but why is it so important? And what should your company be doing to make it stronger than ever?

Basically organic SEO relates to how high you rank on the results when someone searches on a search engine, like Google, for something related to your business. It’s about ranking as high as possible for your product or service on offer and beating your competition in the process. Of course the larger the company generally the more chance there is to rank higher, however you need to be clever about what your audience is searching and how you can rank for the keywords they use.  And of course you can always pay to be at the top with a PPC like AdWords, and while this is an extremely useful tool for businesses in some cases, nothing beats the credibility having your company appear first organically.

Why is Organic So Important?

While advertisements will get you more traffic and ultimately more leads, audiences have now cottoned on to the fact that these results Sponsored results are paying to be there rather than earning it. The organic results on the first page of the search engine are the results people are truly going to trust as being relevant to what they are searching for. If you’re not on the first page or 2 then you’re not on your target audiences radar.

How do search engines rank you?

Google has its artificial intelligence (AI) sending bots/spiders etc. to crawl over 60 trillion pages on the internet then cataloguing the pages based on a range of factors.

While Google and other search engines keep the facets of their highly mysterious algorithms closely guarded they do promote the following:

  • Quality content and its freshness
  • SafeSearch
  • Mobile optimisation
  • User context
  • Site and page quality and speed
  • Usability

What can I do to rank my business?

There isn’t one secret formula to ensure your company reaches the top however there are a number of simple elements that you can help your chances. Content is still the most important aspect of organic SEO. To be seen as the authority on what you are selling you have to prove to Google and other search engines that you are the authority with content, content and more content.

The first step is knowing your audience. Knowing what they want and how your business is giving them what they want. While it can be hard to compete with bigger brands, start small. Identify your audience on a niche level and what they are searching for on search engines and how they could be finding you. This will also help you identify what they want to see content-wise and how certain phrases could help you.   Having a killer blog that keeps your audience up-to date with news, trends, relevant to your industry and business that speaks directly to your audience will really improve your chances.  Next step is your website. Is your website loading speed fast, is your theme clean and navigation usability clean and easy to use? Can your audience view your website on their mobile?

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