@realty is a network of real estate professionals that are connected through innovative technology platforms to leverage the benefits of a team. They connect the latest in technology and the sophistication of a quality brand to enhance the sales process from start to finish. By developing innovative digital tools and customised marketing strategies they deliver better service and better results.

@realty has over 650 real estate agents active throughout Australia. They operate over 12 trust accounts and manage over $1 billion in gross property sales annually.


Hicaliber was tasked with first building a new trust accounting solution to replace spreadsheets and Xero. It needed to comply with all trust accounting regulations for property sales, management and advertising. This was completed successfully.

The next task was to build a replacement to the Salesforce platform utilised by the team for several years. Hicaliber built a new system from the ground up and migrated the data from Salesforce to the new solution while maintaining daily operations for the agents and administration team.

We handed over the project to an internal team and continue to provide external services for various projects that further enhance the platform. We have built a compliance system, proposals for the agents, Realworks and Forms Live integration and REA integration for tenancy applications.


There are several teams working on the project and the coordination of the various developers requires constant management. The system is very large and requires automated testing of code and functions to ensure the smooth ongoing development and operations.


WordPress, AWS: Serverless, RDS, CloudFront, LightSail and more. We also developed the software in Laravel, PHP and Vue.js. This is hosted on various AWS EC2 instances.


The solution has been operating for over 4 years now and continues to grow and evolve as the technology demands of the real estate industry continue to increase. There are over 650 agents Australia wide managing all of their business needs from sales and marketing to trust accounting through the one solution.