Australian Organic Ltd (AOL) is the leading peak industry body engaging with Government and Industry to promote the commercial and social interests of those who are certified and protect the integrity of the certified industry against fraud and misleading organics.

AOL established an organic certification scheme to independently verify that farmers and processors were producing in accord with those standards and introduced the leading organic certification ‘Bud’ logo. This symbol ensures the integrity of organic products in the marketplace for consumers and is recognised by more than 50% of Australian consumers.


To merge five brands plus a membership portal which not only accommodated each brand but also integrated into their third party CRM Zoho.

We needed to ensure the technology stack could handle over 10,000+ members and thousands more in traffic visits.

From directories to member portals to payment gateway, eCommerce, renewals, reminders you name it this project has all the bells and whistles. The majority of these processors were delivered manually which you could imagine the time consumed. Over the course of this project we enabled various automations to help reduce the workload and enhance this business into the 21st century.


Building a member portal to accommodate not just one but three different brands and its members is a challenge in itself. Not only did we accept the challenge we also enabled Australian Organic to have members in which can have multiple subscriptions across their brands.

As mentioned earlier a lot of the heavy lifting was done manually therefore a lot of importing, analysis and consolidating was imperative to ensure the accuracy of data. The new websites not only needed a new starting point but also a compilation to ensure no data points were left behind.


Hicaliber’s Launchpad Platform, Launchpad Events and Locations Modules, WooCommerce, WooMemberships Plugin, Zoho CRM Integration and AWS LightSail Hosting.

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