Connect Plan Management are specialist, independent NDIS plan managers based in Brisbane and operating Australia wide. They provide plan management services. They are there to help NDIS participants achieve the support, experiences and outcomes they aspire to by providing high quality and accessible plan management services.


Connect Plan Management managed the NDIS plans for over 1,300 participants. The process of managing these plans required manual data collection. To reduce the time taken to manage these plans and get quicker turnaround times for the participants they needed to connect to the new NDIS API called PRODA.


Hicaliber created a client data entry form through the existing WordPress website. We then created a “middleware” solution that connected to PRODA to allow for two way communication. Additionally we added a new WordPress admin portal to allow the staff to view the data collection forms, submit a service agreement and then post the plan and services into the NDIS system for instant approval.


The NDIS system was heavily regulated and achieving approval of the API communication through NDIS was time consuming. However once Hicaliber was approved as a provider of technical services using PRODA we were able to move quickly on the final solution.


WordPress, AWS: Serverless, RDS, CloudFront, LightSail and more. We also developed the software in Laravel, PHP and Vue.js. This is hosted on an AWS EC2 instance.


Connect Plan Management is currently growing at a rapid rate and now has over 2,600 participants under management. We have now embarked on further development of the solution to assist in the management of these new clients.