Project Features

Bespoke Website

Utilising the Hicaliber custom WordPress platform we have incorporated all of the key elements such as Property Searching, Google Map Integration, Form Integration and API connectivity. We remove all the superfluous plugins required by other developers by creating our own code. This ensures the website will run quickly and deliver on the marketing teams requirements. All this while maintaining the design teams styling and customer experience expectations.


Host the system on a secure and fast environment. Ensure the system is not offline by having redundancy. To achieve this and more we partnered with Amazon Web Services. We now utilise several AWS service offerings to deliver a superior solution to the agents. We have leveraged the Serverless technology provided by AWS to improve speed, security and reduce costs.

Bespoke Software

Our middleware has been developed using the Laravel framework and PHP. The data resides in a MySQL database. All of these technologies are running on AWS Serverless technology. Hicaliber has developed a large tool kit over a period of 5 years and this has reduced the time required to deliver the project, It has also meant a reduction in costs to the client. Normally a project of this size would take 12 months and 3 times the budget. We delivered in 7 months and on budget.


Got a Project in Mind?

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