Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers is an Australian success story. Starting from a two person market stall and growing into an 8 store franchise business throughout Queensland and New South Wales. The only thing letting the team down was the website and the integration with their point of sale systems within the restaurants. There was a heavy reliance on delivery companies like Deliveroo. Hicaliber needed to create a website that made you hungry and showed the genuine love the owners have for gnocchi. We had to connect the website to the online ordering system and make sure that customers could easily order from the menu for pick up or delivery.


Hicaliber worked with Springboard Digital and the design agency to come up with a strategy to improve the customer experience and create raving fans of the new website. We needed to coordinate with third party suppliers and consultants from Lightspeed Kounta and Bopple. Strange names but effective solutions. We ensured that when we integrated the Bopple solution that it appeared seamless to the customer even though we are actually activating a third party Saas solution. This reduced confusion and bounce rates. The website was developed in WordPress using the Hicaliber Launchpad platform. We ensured the design was responsive to smart devices considering over 80% of the website traffic was from smart phones.


We needed to ensure that a seamless customer journey was created whether a customer was booking a table, ordering takeaway or requiring delivery. Whilst integrating with third party systems, maintaining the same look and feel throughout all channels was crucial so we could remain on brand and create a sense of never leaving the main site.

Our Locations module was also used to showcase the various stores as well as predict which store is closest to the user for online ordering.


Hicaliber’s Launchpad Platform, Launchpad Locations Module, WordPress, Bopple, Lightspeed Kounta, Now Book It


A responsive site that gets your taste buds tingling from the moment you land on it, with the ability to easily view the menu and place an order in a way that suits your current circumstance. This gave our client the ability to easily manage and track their orders without having to retrain their current staff on the processes they were already accustomed to. I challenge you to visit this site and not order yourself a delicious serving of gnocchi…

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