Project Features

REX Connectivity

Petrusma had a legacy reporting system developed in previous years to run on Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Reports. By moving to REX they would lose the capability to report across all departments. Hicaliber was recommended by REX Labs and engaged by Petrusma to resolve the problem. We developed middleware to collect data from REX CRM and export to the Petrusma reporting system.

Bespoke Software

Our middleware has been developed using the Laravel framework and PHP. The data resides in a MySQL database. Hicaliber has developed a large tool kit over a period of 5 years and this has reduced the time required to deliver the project, It has also meant a reduction in costs to the client. Normally a project of this size would take 6 months and 3 times the budget. We delivered in 12 weeks and on budget.

Bespoke REX API

Hicaliber has developed a comprehensive connection to the REX CRM over many years of working with the REX team. This API allows us to maximise the capabilities of the REX data and leverage the information for almost any solution. We can extract data from REX for a third party solution and capture and insert data into REX. This unique tool is cloud based and can be used in various ways. Aggregated Dashboards, Aggregated Reports, Marketing Connectivity and much more.


Got a Project in Mind?

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