Rare Foods Australia (formerly Ocean Grown Abalone) is one of a kind, providing sustainable business needs with the protection of nature to create the highest quality Greenlip Abalone. With 20 years of research and development, their business was founded on a passion for the protection of our oceans and rare species. Combining world first methodologies, they leased 413 hectares of the ocean and now deliver a premium range of product across the world.


The business had two outdated WordPress websites in which required consolidation and also a rebrand meanwhile adhering to ASX guidelines. From Two Oceans and Ocean Grown, Rare Foods Australia was born. With it a range of new and exciting products, services and offerings.

While the future of this project is accelerating so too are we, adding new features and functionality to work with the business now and into the future.


A high level of accuracy, terminology and reporting capabilities needed to be implemented in order to adhere to ASX rules, regulations and investors expectations.

Maintaining relationships with many key stakeholders and ensuring all needs and requirements where fulfilled.

Strict timelines around launch and adherence to confidentiality were paramount.


Hicaliber’s Launchpad platform is the base of this project, while surrounded by WordPress technology stack and many hours of custom coding, the team have delivered a unique solution which will aid this business during its time of growth.

There is also work currently in the pipeline which will enhance this project, while we cannot disclose the exact nature of this development we will be sure to update you as this has been released.

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