@realty has a unique business model for the Real Estate industry. There is no traditional office with window display and agents sitting behind desks making calls. Most real estate is now performed online so @realty provide a head office team for administration and all the agents can work from any location using technology as the mobile office.

When we started with @realty they were using 11 different systems to achieve the result they required. Our job was to replace these systems one by one until they were all combined into one large custom software system.

We started at the back and progressively moved to the front. We replaced the trust accounting process with a custom built solution. We then replaced the marketing system and finally the entire Salesforce CRM was replaced with a new comprehensive platform.

  • Trust Accounting for 10 national trust accounts.
    • Trust Receipts, Cashbook, Ledgers and Three Way Balance.
    • Reduced end of month from 5 days to less than 60 minutes total.
    • Reduced Auditing costs.
  • Marketing System
    • Email Marketing
    • Reduced costs by replacing Makesbridge system
    • New Listings, Buyer Matching
  • Campaign Management
    • Sign Boards, Brochures, Web Listings, Newspapers, Auctioneers and more
    • Reduced ordering process delays and costs of admin staff.
  • Contacts
    • Web Enquiries
  • Property Listings
  • Compliance
  • Offers
  • Compliance
  • Property Management
  • Integrations
    • Google, GSuite, Twilio, Sendgrid, Agentpoint, REA, Domain, REI Forms, Stripe, various Websites.
  • Action Plans (automated emails and sms)
  • Single Sign

We utilised several components for the technology stack.

  • AWS
  • Vue.js
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Google
  • GSuite
  • Twilio
  • Sendgrid
  • Mailjet
  • Stripe
  • Agentpoint

Salesforce Out, Custom In

reducing 11 systems to 1


Replace Salesforce and migrate over 140,000 records and documents while the system is still running parallel to the new software. This process had its issues but we migrated everything and reduced the costs of monthly subscriptions to zero.


Replace the Makesbridge email marketing solution and add the capability for agents to create dynamically updated contact lists based on contact enquiry preferences and buyer matching algorithms. Allow agents to now order marketing collateral in the listing process.



We had to replace Xero because it is not designed for trust accounting regulations. The new solution reduced the end of month procedure from 5 days to under 60 minutes. Reconciling 10 separate trust accounts while remaining compliant and pass all audit requirements.

Google Cloud

Give the agents the ability to Single Sign On and access their GMAIL, Calendar, Maps and Tasks from within the CRM. Seamless integration that allows the agent to make changes and updates in Google Apps and still view them within the CRM.


Host the system on a secure and fast environment. Ensure the system is not offline by having redundancy. To achieve this and more we partnered with Amazon Web Services. We now utilise several AWS service offerings to deliver a superior solution to the agents.


Project Process

How We Exceeded Expectations

  • Software Analysis

    At this stage we commence the Briefing process with the client. We obtain all ideas, concepts and look alike ideas. We then create a Scope of Work, Wireframes and Workflows. We then refine this with the client and produce a final functional specification ready for development.

  • Development

    Armed with the functional specification we break down all Use Cases into tasks within our project management system and allocate timelines and resources. We also give the client access so they can clearly see the progress.

  • User Acceptance Testing

    The exciting part is releasing the new software onto the staging server for the client to commence testing. We do this regularly throughout the project to avoid a last minute disappointment. It also gives us the space to pivot and change direction of necessary.

  • Launch

    Once all testing is completed we are ready to launch. We then move into a maintenance phase and support our development for a minimum of 30 days and we never charge for any bugs, that’s our fault, we own so we will fix it.

  • Maintenance

    We are currently engaged to perform ongoing maintenance and management of the software and the servers.

Got a Project in Mind?

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