UrbanX provides administrative and management services to real estate agencies throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Agencies can reduce their costs by focusing on the sales and marketing and leave the contracts, settlements and accounting to UrbanX. The unique offering to agencies is the ability to continue to run their own brand rather than being forced to use the UrbanX brand.


UrbanX wanted to provide flexibility to their agencies by allowing them to run their own contacts database. They chose the REX CRM as the primary system. Agencies would operate this software under their own brand name. However UrbanX needed the contacts, properties, listings, vendor paid marketing and more to be aggregated into one system in their head office. This would allow them to run multiple agencies from one aggregated database.

UrbanX had previously stitched together various third party solutions such as FormStack and Spreadsheets.


Hicaliber devised a solution now called the “middleware”. We had previous experience with a similar solution for GJ Gardner. Working with the technical team at REX Labs we created a Saas solution that incrementally updated any activities in the agency instance of REX CRM with the Head Office REX CRM. We took this further by allowing for two way synchronization. This meant changes made by the head office would synch with the agency instance.


This solution had not been attempted in the past and REX Labs had not previously provided this solution. Hicaliber had to work with the API and Webhooks to create a solution that would check 50+ databases for any activity every 5 minutes.


AWS: Serverless, RDS, CloudFront and more. We also developed the software in Laravel, PHP and Vue.js. This is hosted on an AWS EC2 instance.


UrbanX now has over 70 individually branded agencies with their respective databases synchronising with the head office database every 5 minutes. As a result they have retired several other third party solutions and reduced subscription costs. They have also managed to increase at scale without dramatically increasing the required staff to manage the volume of transactions.

UrbanX can onboard a new agency in less than 4 hours by importing their existing data into the REX CRM and then the middleware will synch this new data with head office.