Software Development

Our current projects manage over $1 billion of property in the Real Estate industry, 2,500 Students per year in the Allied Health industry and 100+ Builders in the Construction Industry. We have built a unique “tool kit” that allows us to rapidly develop and deploy Saas solutions in months instead of years.


We need to understand the business you have today and your business in the future. We have to design a solution that does not become redundant and have to be replaced in 12 months. We will about your current business operations, existing technology stack, where the pain points are and how we can improve efficiencies leveraging technology. Our business analyst and systems architect will then create a Scope of Work, Wireframes and User Stories. This is our way of making sure we meet and exceed your expectations.


We are experts in Amazon Web Services, Laravel, PHP, Vue.js and related technologies. We prefer these tools so we spend less time of the basic core functionality and more time on the custom solution you need. We also have a well established “tool kit” that is a comprehensive CRM solution called Momentum. Utilising this as our base we already have in place Users, Roles, Permissions, Groups, SMS, Email, Contacts, Companies, Worklows, Journeys, Products, Orders, Reports and various integrations. Some of our API’s include Xero, Google Workspace, O365 to name a few. Once the solution has been developed we move to User Acceptance Testing.


Once the solution has been developed we need to test it thoroughly. This involves not only our automated software tests but also the user acceptance testing. This is the opportunity to get rid of all the bugs, adjust the user interface to ensure it flows correctly and make sure everything is responsive to smart devices. Testing also involves integrations with our software solutions to make sure the data transmits as planned. Once all the testing is complete we can move to launch.