Darren Fryer
Managing Director

Hey Champ,

This is the way my mentor used to address me and it has stuck with me for years. I find myself quite often repeating this mantra in conversations I have with my friends, business associates and staff. I prefer to call my staff my team because I am very aware of the fact that while I am the owner and the leader of my businesses without my team I would just be a big ego making a lot of noise.

Over many years of being a business owner and software developer I have personally stuffed up a lot of things and now worked out how to avoid them. I have a unique set of skills including marketing and business development. Combine this with my long history in information technology that included software development, systems analysis and networking and I am highly qualified to give you advice.

We have completed a lot of projects over many years, here is just a sample of my skills I have gained from experience.

Software Development – Commercial

  • Accommodation Reservations & Trust Accounting
  • Real Estate Sales, Property Management & Trust Accounting
  • Construction Estimations, Job Costing, Job Management, Accounting
  • Construction New Build Property Management, Agent Portals
  • Allied Health RTO Student Management, Virtual Courses, Learning Management Systems
  • Allied Health Call Centre, Consultants and Sales Management
  • NSW Government & VIC Government
  • Recruitment Systems for Recruitment Agencies

Software Development – AWS

  • Call Centre Omni-Channel Solutions
  • Incoming/Outgoing VOIP Calls
  • Call Recording
  • Voice to Text
  • Text to Voice
  • Automated Appointment Assistant with Calendar Integration
  • Serverless “Code as a Service”

I am passionate about digital solutions that turn prospects into profits for my clients.