Who We Are

The Business

We are not just web developers.

So often businesses are looking for “just a web developer”. When you think of the disciplines and skills that is required to build a web site how can any business be looking for just a web developer. We often reply with “well then you must be running just a business”.

To build a website you need a Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Design, Development and ongoing Support. We realised that we simply cannot wear that many hats. We needed to focus on what we we do well.

I am proud to say we are software developers that can develop websites as well.

So with our added skills you can really provide a high level of service to your premium clients. Just take a look at our services so you can expand your plans.


Old heads, Young Business.

We are the youngest agency, not because of the age of our team, but because we have only been operating for 4 years and it that time we have achieved some amazing results.

After many long hours and the usual ups and downs of any new business we can proudly say we have completed a lot of work and made a lot of new friends who happen to be our clients as well.

We started out direct to consumer and have realised now we are best serving our agency friends who specialise in Creative and Digital Marketing while we focus on the delivery of software applications and integrated web sites.

We have managed to complete fours major software development projects in 4 years for companies like @realty, Jump on and Stay, Toppako, Onehub (Optus Business Centres), not to mention over 150 web sites.

Marc de Winnaar
Web Development Manager
Nikita Alekseev
Software Development Manager