In the fast-paced world of business, staying competitive and delivering exceptional customer experiences is paramount. To achieve these goals, many businesses are turning to technological advancements and digital transformation. However, a significant challenge often arises when marketers attempt to collaborate with IT or technology managers to evolve legacy systems. In this article, we empathise with marketers and shed light on the hurdles they face when striving to elevate their brand storytelling and enhance the customer experience.

Divergent Objectives:

Marketers: Marketers focus on brand storytelling, customer engagement, and
delivering personalised experiences to drive sales and brand loyalty.

IT/Technology Managers: IT professionals prioritise system stability, data
security, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Bridging the gap between these contrasting priorities can be challenging. Marketers
want to innovate quickly, while IT managers must ensure the stability and security of

Communication Barriers:

Marketers: Marketers may struggle to convey the urgency and importance of technological updates to IT teams. The technical jargon used by IT professionals can be intimidating.

IT/Technology Managers: IT managers often perceive marketers as impatient and uninformed about the complexities of technology.

Effective communication between these two departments is crucial, but misunderstandings can lead to frustration and delays.

Empathy for Marketers:
Marketers face numerous challenges when advocating for technological evolution, but their efforts are essential for staying competitive and meeting customer expectations.

Innovation and Agility:
Marketers need the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing market trends and
consumer behaviour. Legacy systems can hinder their ability to launch new
campaigns, deliver personalised content, and respond to market shifts promptly.

Enhanced Customer Experience:
Modern customers expect seamless and personalised experiences. Marketers
rely on technology to collect and analyse customer data, enabling them to deliver
tailored content and services. Legacy systems may limit their ability to meet
these expectations.

Competitive Advantage:
To compete effectively, businesses must leverage technology for data-driven
decision-making, automation, and optimization. Marketers play a crucial role in
driving these initiatives, but they need the support and collaboration of IT
professionals to succeed.

Bridging the Gap:

Collaboration and Communication:
Marketers and IT managers must foster a culture of collaboration. Regular
meetings, shared goals, and open communication channels can help align their

Education and Training:
Both sides should invest in understanding each other’s perspectives. Marketers
can benefit from basic technology training, while IT managers can learn about
marketing’s strategic goals.

Incremental Changes:
Rather than advocating for a complete overhaul of legacy systems, marketers
can propose incremental changes and pilot projects that demonstrate the
benefits of modernization without disrupting operations.

Marketers, faced with the challenge of evolving legacy technology to drive brand storytelling and
customer experience, deserve empathy and support in their endeavours. Bridging the gap
between marketing and IT/technology management requires collaboration, communication, and
a shared vision of the business’s digital future. By working together, these two departments can
empower the organisation to thrive in the ever-evolving marketplace and deliver exceptional
customer experiences that set their brand apart.

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