Hicaliber is fully equipped to provide services pertaining to all REA Platform integration requirements. We integrate with realestate.com.au to allow our clients to seamlessly import their property enquiries as contacts in their CRM. This helps to avoid duplicates by matching with existing records in their CRM, and gives them the option to manually or automatically check these within moments of receiving the enquiry. We also capture buyer and tenant requirements, which allows them to do future prospecting and nurturing of these relationships.

Here is a list of our REA Partner Platform integrations:

  • Listing Upload API
  • Listing Export API
  • Leads API
  • Lead Enrichment API
  • Campaign API
  • Tenant Selection API
  • Webhooks API
  • Connection Leads API
  • Pricing API
  • Successful Applicant API

By offering a variety of REA Partner Platform integrations, we ensure that our clients have all the tools they need to manage their real estate properties effectively and efficiently. Our focus on providing comprehensive services and our ability to integrate with a wide range of platforms makes us a valuable asset to any real estate agency or professional.

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