Simplifying Real Estate Data Integration with Malcolm

Discover the power of seamless CRM integration in real estate with Malcolm, a pioneering middleware solution from Hicaliber. Whether it’s a one-off migration or continuous real-time synchronisation, Malcolm Real Estate is designed to cater to your specific data needs, connecting platforms such as REX, Agent Box, and VaultRE with unparalleled ease.

How It Works

Streamlining Data Management in Real Estate

Malcolm Real Estate, developed by Hicaliber, serves as a bridge between leading real estate CRMs like REX Labs, AgentBox, and VaultRE, and third-party solutions such as HubSpot. Whether you need a one-time data migration or ongoing real-time synchronisation, Malcolm ensures your data is where you need it, when you need it. This automated process eliminates the hassle of manual data entry, reducing errors and saving invaluable time.

Who It’s For

Empowering Real Estate Professionals for Advanced Data Utilisation

Our solution is crafted for real estate agencies seeking to optimise their CRM data. Malcolm Real Estate is ideal for those who prioritise up-to-date, accurate client information and wish to enhance customer engagement through efficient data management. If you aim to harness the full potential of your CRM data for improved marketing strategies and customer interactions, Malcolm is your perfect tool.

Integrated CRM Systems

Versatile Compatibility with Leading Real Estate CRMs

Malcolm Real Estate proudly integrates with top real estate CRM platforms, ensuring a broad range of compatibility and flexibility:

  • REX Labs: Tailored for dynamic real estate operations.
  • AgentBox: A leading CRM for modern real estate agents.
  • VaultRE: Innovative CRM for comprehensive real estate management.
  • HubSpot: For enriched marketing and client relationship strategies.

Sign Up and Onboarding

Joining the Malcolm Real Estate Family

Embracing Malcolm Real Estate begins with a simple sign-up process. Once you opt for our service, our team at Hicaliber will guide you through every step – from initial setup to complete integration with your chosen CRM platforms. 

We provide personalised support to ensure a smooth transition, allowing you to fully customise the data transfer to your unique business needs. Our goal is to make your journey towards efficient data management as seamless as possible.

The below flow chat demonstrates how Malcolm Real Estate manages data flow via several CRM and third party data and lead sources. This flowchart also demonstrates other Hicaliber products: Vision, Launchpad & Connect Ai (using Chat GPT).

Coming Soon

Q2 – 2024 – Release

  • LockedOn
  • Property Tree

Scheduled – No Release Date

  • Box and Dice
  • Eagle
  • Property Suite
  • Palace

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