Seamlessly Integrated

Real Reviews is a WordPress plugin for the real estate industry that allows real estate agencies to simplify the process of uploading consumer reviews of consumer experience to their website. The ratings and reviews are made public and can be used by other consumers to help them choose a real estate agent.

This WordPress plugin can be a valuable resource for both consumers and real estate agents, as it helps to promote transparency and accountability in the industry.

Easy-to-use Features

Our Real Reviews plugin offers the easiest way to seamlessly integrate your RateMyAgent account directly with your website. No coding skills required.

Seamless Integration

Our plugin integrates seamlessly with your RateMyAgent account and displays data directly on your website.

  • Works with any WordPress website
  • Quick and easy to integrate
  • No coding required

Pre-built Layout Options

Our pre-built layouts make it quick and easy to create the exact feed layout you want with minimal effort.

  • Multiple feed layouts
  • Grid, carousel, and map
  • Single or multiple agents

For Agents or Agencies

Agencies with multiple agents can select to display the data for one or more agents in any of our feeds.

  • Display data for individual agents
  • Display data for multiple agents
  • Display data for all agents

Intuitive Feed Wizard

Our step by step feed wizard guides you through the process of creating a feed with just a few clicks.

  • Step by step feed wizard
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Save or edit embed codes

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