Hicaliber is a proud integration partner with AgentBox. Reapit the owner of AgentBox is a company that provides a powerful, easy-to-use cloud and mobile real estate CRM software for agencies of all sizes. Hicaliber and AgentBox have developed a middleware solution called “Malcolm“. Basically, this allows businesses who are using alternative proptech solutions to seamlessly move their data from and to AgentBox. This reduces frustrations and errors when double handling data.

agentbox integration

AgentBox Integration

Building a consistent and reliable listings pipeline is crucial for high-performing agencies. AgentBox’s Sales CRM has built-in tools that help agencies stay in touch and build relationships. This helps agents communciate with property owners in their area, so they can secure more listings. AgentBox makes sure that all the information that agencies need is available when they need it. Altogether this gives the agency complete control over the data that their agency requires. This allows them and their staff to input, find, and sort the information that is most relevant to the way they work.

Maximising team productivity is essential for an agency’s success. Consequently AgentBox’s Sales CRM has built-in automation features that can standardize processes across an agency. These features include automated SMS and email updates, built-in best practice follow-up workflows, mass actions across all parts of the journey, and Zapier integration.

Malcolm and AgentBox

Malcolm has a deep integration with the AgentBox API. Most third party integrators are using the outdated REA XML Schema (relaestate.com.au) which delivers data at the time the property is listed. Malcolm can get to the data well before it becomes a published listing. Even better Malcolm can communicated both way. By collecting data and sending data back to AgentBox. If you want to understand how Malcolm can become a valuable team member in your organisation then please use our Live Chat and book a meeting now.

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