Understanding you and your brand identity

Step One
We’ve developed a questionnaire so we can learn about your business and marketing activities, including your “Why”, “Who”, “What”, “How” and “Where” –
Why do you do what you do?
Who are you as a business?
What does your business offer / What problems do you solve for your clients?
How are you perceived in the eyes of your customers and how are you communicating with them?
Where to from here – what are your objectives?

Identify your target market/s

Step Two
We’ll assist you with understanding your current clients and to identify your target market/s with consideration to your core business strengths and objectives.
We’ll create a persona for your ideal client and analyse the demographics and psychographics of your target market/s.

Develop your strategy

Step Three
Great! Now that we know who you are as a business, your strengths and objectives, we’ll use these to your advantage!

We’ll help you create a digital marketing strategy in combination with any other relevant sales and marketing elements, so we can reach your target market and generate leads.
We can work with you on a sales strategy and any other supporting campaign activity to maximise conversion to new clients.

Execute your strategy

Step Four
OK, so we have a plan … let’s put it into action!
We’re willing to take care of the content creation, production, scheduling, and implementation of the marketing activity.

In the meantime, your focus can be on the day-to-day running of your business and on converting the leads generated.

Review. Rinse. Retarget.

Step Five
Depending on your selected service, you’ll be provided with relevant reports that provide you a breakdown of the activity and results so you can measure your return on investment.
We’ll include a summary and recommendations for any improvement or adjustments, as we know that marketing solutions are most effective when they are dynamic.
The beauty about digital marketing in particular, is that it’s a cost-effective marketing approach which is measurable and in real time. So, we can be almost instantaneous with adjusting the focus if needed, to ensure we deliver the best results for your business.
We’re also here to support you with fine-tuning your sales strategy to improve efficiency and delivery of your business objectives.

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We are passionate about creating digital platforms for our clients that turn prospects into profits. We develop products that seamlessly connect websites and software systems together with the aim to improve the flow and management of data in any business. Interested?

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