It’s essential to create outstanding personalised customer experiences that welcome, engage, and nurture potential consumers towards brand loyalty and advocacy. In order to do this, it is important to understand who the customer is; where they are in their journey, the type of content they would welcome, the messages that would best resonate, and the recommendations they would appreciate. Only with these valuable customer insights, can organisations start to design the perfect experience for each and every visitor. Digital experience maturity is key to better customer relationships as it enables organisations to combine quantitative data (the ‘what’ of user behaviour — page views, conversion rates, where visitors drop out of the funnel) with qualitative data (the ‘why’ — session replays, direct feedback, user testing) to gain powerful insights into customer sentiment and motivation, and to then action these insights quickly and efficiently in order to craft individually tailored experiences based on highly-granular customer personas.

How to calculate digital experience maturity

Digital experiences directly impact the bottom line, so it is crucial for leaders to understand where they are with digital experience maturity. Taking an honest look at their position can help organisations move forward in their digital maturity journey by placing the right technology into the hands of the right people, enabling them to take a more proactive approach in providing an excellent customer experience. By understanding where they currently are in terms of digital maturity, organisations can be more strategic in their decisions around technology, ensuring that both technical and organisational elements are appropriately aligned.

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