It doesn’t take much convincing that understanding the intent of your prospects’ actions can be beneficial in multiple areas of sales and marketing. Still, few understand how to operationalise and scale the data across the buyer journey.

The No.1 question on many marketing minds is: “How do you actually get started using intent data to grow a qualified pipeline and, ultimately, top-line revenue?” 

Full-funnel marketing

Building brand presence (and trust) is a tall order for any organisation. It’s a long game and takes a measured, intentional approach among marketing, sales, and customer success leadership. As marketers, we run omni-channel campaigns to target, engage, and convert— constantly looking for new levers and channels to reach our target audience with the right message at the right time. Intent data allows you to market with purpose, refining your messaging and improving funnel performance at every stage.

Intent signals can alert you when target accounts compare your brand experience to a competitor.

Your competitor may have a feature or two that you don’t, which provides competitive intelligence and an opportunity to align with your product team to influence the roadmap. You could also leverage these insights by promoting access to a full comparison report, answering the questions your prospects have before they even ask them. What about letting your prospects know that while competitors may have new features, your existing solution takes care of their key goals with different capabilities? Intent gives you the data you need to combat objections with laser precision, and equip your frontline teams with the talking points that matter to your prospects.

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