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I am sure you have heard the saying “stick to what you know best”. Well we will freely admit we are not creative designers or digital marketers. Sure we understand everything that goes into these disciplines, but we stick to what we know best and leave the rest to you.

We are exceptional software developers and our team are multi talented so if you can imagine it we can build it. So go right ahead and let your imagination run wild, impress your clients and then we will make sure it can be delivered.

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From small things, big things grow. Our advice is free, you pay for the coffee.

What we doLet’s Make Something Great

We are absolute Gun Coders, API Specialists and Web Integrators

Software Development

Our current projects manage over $1 billion of property in the Real Estate industry, over 1000+ accommodation providers in the Hospitality Industry and $10 million+ in the Telecommunications industry.

Website Development

We custom build websites, integrate them with our software or internal management systems like a CRM. We utilise the WordPress platform to give you and your clients flexibility to update the website.


Laravel is our preferred framework for web applications because of performance, features and scalability. The software we develop is your asset and we ensure it can scale and perform in line with your business growth.


We integrate with several third party systems, here are just some of our favourites are Google Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stripe, Xero, Insightly, Hubspot, REX, Agentpoint. If it has an API we can connect.

Amazon Web Services

When it comes to hosting web applications that require large scale access, high traffic and top security we prefer to use Amazon Web Services. We can setup and deploy a new instance of AWS including Linux configuration.

Google Cloud

We personally use G-Suite including Gmail, Calendar, Tasks, Maps and much more. We regularly integrate our client solutions seamlessly with Google Cloud products and services.


Business Analyst, full time, in house.
Project Manager, full time, in house.
Senior Developers, full time, in house.
Developers, full time, in house.


We specialise in Open Source, Laravelle, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Vue.js, React.js, Elemment UI, Bootstrap and much more. We have connected to Salesforce, Insightly, Hubspot, Zoho and many other CRM’s.

Helping your Sales Leads Flow

We understand the importance of a smooth flow of lead data, from first enquiry on the website, to conversion in back end systems and beyond.

Hicaliber work with  clients, marketing agencies and business owners to ensure the technology and systems, support the marketing goals, reporting needs and ensuring there is never missed opportunity.

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