Middleware as a Service (MWaaS for short) means nothing other than that the programming of a middleware is carried out in the cloud instead of on-premise. MWaaS is increasingly replacing older middleware platforms that are located on mainframes, servers or both. MWaaS is often offered as part of a cloud-based suite.

The goal of Middleware as a Service is to flexibly provide prefabricated packages of different automation services. In this way, complex, composite connections can be quickly deployed.  

MWaaS makes use of various technologies: cloud services, API integrations, API management, Internet of Things (IoT) applications or the integration of data sources. In this way, digital business processes, customer journeys and employee journeys are automated and supported in the best possible way.

So: Middleware as a Service is a mixture and a package of various cloud automation services and services that are quickly and flexibly ready for use for a wide range of scenarios, companies and processes.

Middleware as a Service as a real alternative to custom middleware development

The advantages of Middleware as a Service are:

  • Cloud computing is a growing market. More and more supply means more and more choice
  • SaaS tools and cloud solutions are often cheaper, quick to implement and agile to use
  • Subsequently, Middleware as a Service creates fast and flexible integrations
  • Changes, adjustments or restructuring can be implemented quickly and flexibly
  • How MWaaS offers a scalable approach

Conclusion: Middleware as a Service  

Middleware as a service, i.e. cloud middleware, is ideally suited for long-term yet flexible integration and automation. As an intermediary between different applications, it enables software to speak to each other.

Cloud middleware benefits from the growing cloud market: turnover in cloud computing has been increasing for years. This also means that more and more applications have interfaces that can be linked to each other. Middleware as a service will therefore probably replace on premise solutions in the future. fewer and fewer companies have their own in-house server.

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