Computers and software have come a long way since the first digital computers were created in WWII. We regularly use software across multiple devices while we go about our day. With a broad range of devices for software, what a custom software solution looks like can be quite broad as well.


Desktop software runs on your desktop computer and must be installed on a particular operating system (Windows 10, iOS, etc.) They often have strict hardware requirements to function correctly and require regular updates to both the software and computer hardware. Desktop software is quite secure and does not necessarily require an internet connection to work.

Web Applications

Web applications run on a hosted web server and are delivered through the internet. Therefore, they require an internet connection. To function correctly, they rely on resources over the internet, including storage and CPU processing. One major advantage to web applications is that the software can be accessed anywhere no matter what device you are on so long as you have an internet connection.

Native Applications

Native applications run on a specific operating system. While this is the same as desktop software, native applications include tablets and mobile phones. Common native applications run on Android, iOS, and Windows. They are installed through an application store such as Google Play, Apple’s App Store, or the Windows Store. They are developed specifically for one platform in order to take full advantage of all the device features. With native apps, an internet connection may not be required to use it (aside from downloading the app or updates from the application store).


Mobile applications run on tablets or smart phones. Most mobile devices come with pre-installed software such as a web browser or email client, while specialized apps can be downloaded from an app store. Mobile applications are native applications which are developed for specific operating systems, such as iOS, Android, or Windows. 


Enterprise Application Software (EAS) is a custom software solution that is created for the needs of an organization, rather than individual users. Businesses, schools, governments, or charities are users of EAS solutions. The main goal behind enterprise software is to improve enterprise productivity, efficiency, and profitability. A custom software solution can be created on any of these platforms, and sometimes more than one. For example, our mobile inspection software, Field Eagle runs as a native app on Windows 8.1 tablets and on the internet as a web application. The tablet component is for inspectors when they are mobile out in the field and the web application component is for the administrator back in the office. The tablet and web application components synchronize with one another to exchange data to make a complete custom solution for field inspections that replace clipboards and forms.

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