REX CRM Software

I know why you are here….. you want to get more from REX right?

REX CRM Software is a custom real estate management system that services over 2000 agencies in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Hicaliber has mastered the REX Newsletter and eBrochure Templates. We are also experts in the REX API and we can extract any information contained within REX and export to various systems like Mailchimp and Activepipe.

We have also built custom API connectivity for agencies with specific reporting requirements and social media marketing platforms.

Oh and don’t forget we also provide custom HTML Newsletters and eBrochures for the REX CRM software. Check them out below….

Newsletters & eBrochures

when plain is not enough


After working with agencies like McGrath, OneAgency, Kollosche and others we have developed a set of custom blocks that can be added to REX for one simple price. They can be branded to your agency and provide more features than the standard versions provided with the REX software.


Would you like to add Google Tag Manager, Calls to Action and encourage your potential customers to view more information on your website? Then you will love the custom eBrochure templates we can build for your REX CRM. 

See How it Works

Take a few seconds to watch the video and you will see how we set up a simple newsletter using the blocks we have created for REX.

How Much?

Email marketing is not dead, boring email Newsletters are dead. Once you complete this form we will send you information on the Newsletter Blocks and the Price. Go ahead, we dare you to improve your newsletters.

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Tell me more....

Perhaps you are here because REX has recommended Hicaliber for your specific project. Maybe you need more than just the basic fuinctionality or you need to integrate to another system. Let's have a chat, talk is cheap, well the cost of a coffee, your shout.

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connect to almost anything

What is an API?

When one developer wants to give access to information from their system to another developer they use an Application Protocol Interface or API for short. What this basically means is the two systems can now talk to each other directly or through a third party. Hicaliber have become experts in the REX API and now have several modules we can use to extract information and connect to other software systems.

Want to Connect?

To establish what you need and how we can connect systems let’s have a discussion. We will need to know what system you want to connect, what data you want to transfer and what a successful transfer will look like. Then we can propose a solution and once approved we can have the work done in the shortest time frame possible, just depends on a few variables.